Flat Sublimation Blanks with Clamshell/Swingaway/Cricut Easy Press:

  • Time and Temp: For most flat sublimation blanks including metal, MDF hardboard, faux leather, and neoprene I suggest temperature 360°F for 45-90 seconds **smaller/thinner blanks take less time and larger/thicker blanks take more time
  • Pressure: sublimation does not typically require a lot of pressure, you want enough to keep your sublimation transfer flush against your blank in the press.  too much pressure can cause damage to the blank, leave tape mark impressions on the blank, cause uneven ink transfer and burning

Photo Rock Slates: 360°F for 3-5 minutes (start with 3 and check under paper to see if ink has fully transferred, if it has not, press longer)

Sandstone Car Coasters: 360°F for 2 minutes

Sublimation Oven (Tumblers): 
  • follow recommendations provided by manufacturer

Convection Oven (Tumblers): 

  • ALWAYS make sure you have an oven thermometer in your convection oven as the dials on the unit are rarely accurate
  • do NOT use your convection oven for food once you use it for sublimation
  • Time and Temp: general recommendation is 385°F for 6 minutes. rotate every 1.5-2 min to reduce risk of burning
  • Pressure: you must create your own pressure by tightly taping over the transfer with masking tape or using tumbler shrink wrap

Tumbler Press:

  • Time and Temp: general recommendation is 360°F for 45-60 seconds, rotate and press again for 45-60 seconds
  • Pressure: you should be able to close the tumbler press easily with one hand. too much pressure can cause damage to the press and/or tumbler, leave tape marks in the tumbler's finish, cause burning or uneven ink transfer
  • before pulling the transfer off your tumbler after you press it, check both the top and bottom rims to see if ink has fully transferred, if you see it has not, place the ends back into the middle of the press to finish