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Cap patches in 4 sizes  2 colors

These are for sublimation comes with adhesive for the back of patch.

Sold in packs of (5) 

 Directions for Sublimation

  • * 400 degrees for 60 seconds

    • Clip the excess strings back if you desire to neaten up your patch or leave as is. Your choice!
    • Lint roll your patch!
    • Cover your patch with butcher paper. Pre-press your patch for 5 or 6 seconds to remove moisture
    • You can use your favorite craft glue such as E600 OR use our heat glue paper!
    • Cut/trim the glue paper to fit neatly behind your patch if necessary. Your glue paper has 2 sides--the shiny side is glue and the duller side is the wax paper. Place shiny side up toward your patch and wax paper side down.
    • Center your patch on top of your glue paper.
    • Place your artwork face down on your patch and use heat tape or spray to keep down. You are forming a layered sandwich of sorts.
    • Use protective butcher paper on top of your artwork/patch
    • Press per temp/time above
    • Remove artwork quickly. Let patch cool.
    • The glue paper is now stuck to your patch. Remove the wax paper backing to expose the other glue side.
    • Place glue adhesive paper behind patch and use an iron or hat press to attach to your hat or garment.
    • Never put heat directly on your patch without protection or it will burn!




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