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 White Canvas sublimation Oven mitten- Pair it up with a pot holder and waffle weave towel

 Take care to keep your protective paper away from the silver side of the pot holders. Do not fold your transfer around the pot holder - it will stick to the silver area. Do not use heat tape.

1. Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of Teflon.
2. Lint roll the image area of the substrate.
3. Place substrate face up on bottom table, cover with protective paper, and pre-press for 10 seconds.
4. Secure transfer to substrate using ProSpray. Do NOT wrap transfer around substrate as it will ruin the silver surface.
5. Place substrate face up, with attached transfer face down, on top of Teflon sheet on bottom table.
6. Top with protective paper and press according to time, temperature, and pressure above.

Application notes: Due to the nature of this being a padded fabric product, natural creases and folding may occur. This product is NOT intended for edge-to-edge imprinting. The white area on the very edge will not image well. It is recommended that you make your image so that no ink goes to the edge. The strap for hanging will sublimate. Protect it with Teflon or fold it inside the Mitt and use a small piece of tape to hold it there if you do not want it imaged.


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