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Large Square, 7.8" x 7.8" x 3/8", Sublimation square with plastic  display feet. These are excellent heirloom items, your clients will love these plaques.Smooth, machined 3/8" sublimatable slate, each with unique fractured edges. These plaques make exciting photo presentations. (2) Black plastic "feet" are included. Slate can vary in size by up to -0.4". Production for slate requires the use of a green rubber pad, 1/8" thick and at least an inch larger than the plaque.

Time: 8 Minutes
Temperature: 400° F   (204° Celsius)
Pressure: Medium

Hover transfer under open heat press for 10 seconds to dry excess moisture.

1. Cover the bottom table of the press with a sheet of protective paper.
2. Use Heat Tape to attach your transfer to the substrate.
3. Place substrate face up, with attached transfer face down, on top of protective paper, on bottom table.
4. Cover it all with 1/8" Heat Conductive Green Rubber Pad and press according to time, temperature, and pressure above.

Application notes: If you do not use a green pad, your transfer paper may stick to the Slate and it is difficult to remove. Once your green pad heats up, you might want to reduce press time by about 30 seconds.

Additional notes: Note: Dwell time should be increased for darker saturated images. Also, cleaning the slate before pressing is recommended.

After imaging, if you see areas of "smudginess", clean the slate with denatured alcohol and a lint free cloth and it will clean it up.

There will be random areas of white coating on the chipped outer areas, which may or may not achieve sublimation, this is normal. Please note that slate is a natural material and may vary slightly in thicknesses. Please monitor your press pressure, time and temperature (add time for thicker slates) to compensate for the variations in thickness.


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